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Welcome to Giske community!

The islands of Giske welcomes you to an unforgettable holiday in beautiful surroundings. Here you can find magnificent unspoiled scenery, idyllic fishing villages, white sandy beaches and excellent facilities for sea fishing. The islands have been inhabited for more than 8000 years. In Viking times they were the home of several prominent families.

Fishing and farming have given development and growth throughout the centuries. Today new bridges and sub sea tunnels link the islands together. 7000 islanders can also reach the mainland and the town centre of Ålesund through these tunnels. Vigra is the site of the regional Ålesund airport, linking Ålesund and the region of Sunnmøre to the rest of Norway.

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Our service office for the community is a joint reception for both the public in general and a service central for our public servants.  

You may come by, phone us on tel. no. +47-70 18 80 00 or mail us at


  • Town Hall
  • 6050 Valderøya
  • Tel.: + 47 - 70 18 80 00

Opening hours :

  • Mondays -Fridays at 09.00 - 15.00.

We can help you with information on the following subjects:

  • Documents and cases beeing processed
  • The variety of services rendered by the administration
  • Give basic help in filling out applications etc.
  • Supply you with maps for housing applications, sewage lines etc.
  • Building applications
  • Information on public procedures and how to apply for different services
  • Application forms
  • Information on vacancies and jobs
  • Information on housing and housing areas to be built, public taxes
  • cultural and sparetime activities in Giske
  • Kindergarten, schools
  • Community taxes and costs

Parking and main entrance to the Town Hall:

  • Use the main entrance to the south
  • Visitors to the library may use the easterly entrance
  • Visitors parking to the east along the road
  • Handicap parking at the main entrance

Other public offices at the Town Hall:


  • The clergys office : 1st floor
  • The dentist is situated : Ground floor
  • NAV  (the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration): 1st floor







Cultural treasures give you an interesting picture of the history of these islands from prehistoric to modern times. Excavations in the large cave known as "Skjonghellaren" at Valderøya, show traces of pre-bronze habitation. In Mjelthaugen at Giske, gravestones with rich ornamentation from the early bronze age have been found. In the grave called Eilifrøysa at Godøya valuable objects of bronze, silver and gold from approx. 400 A.D. were discovered.

The island Giske had a unique position during the Viking period. It was the seat of one of Norways most powerful noble families, Arnungane. From 990 to 1582 feudal lords, knights and barons exercised great authority throughout the land. Another powerful family was from Blindheim, Vigra. The famous viking chieftain Gange Rolv, or Rollo, was from Giske or Vigra. This great warrior conquered Normandie in 911 and became the ancestor of William the Conqueror, sire to the English Royal Family.

The old marble church at Giske was built as a family chapel for one of Norway's most powerful and noble families. The church is built in the Norman style and is a typical product of the architecture prior to 1200. In 1756 the church was restored.

The island municipality of Giske gives you exciting experiences both on land and at sea. The area's open, distinctive coastal landscape is eminently suitable for walks in the mountains and along the seashore, as well as cycling, riding, fishing, diving and surfing.

The islands of Giske and Vigra have beautiful sandy beaches where you can enjoy life to the full on sunny days during the summer, and there are excellent marinas for boat tourists. For golf enthusiasts the municipality offers a six-hole golf course at Vigra. And why not include the fantastic cod fishing season during the early spring. It will leave you with memories for life.

Swimming: Giske, Godøy and Vigra:
Lovely sandy beaches: Godøy island - Sandvika on Alnes, Vigra - Blindheimssanden beach (WC), Giske - Sandvika beside the bridge as well as Øygardssanden beach (north side).

Diving: Giske municipality has many good places for diving. Most of these are out among the islets and skerries, so you will need a boat to reach them. Some good and very interesting places can be reached by car.

Makkevika fuglereservat (bird sanctuary): Giske is one of the most important ring marking stations for wading birds in Europe. The Makkevika coastal area measures around 2,85 km²  in the north west with sandy stretches, boulders and wetlands. The sanctuary is used by many wading birds on their way south/north in autumn and spring.

Fishing in mountain lakes: Alnes, Godøy: Fish for small trout in Alnesvatn lake on top of Godøy island. Fishing permit required.

Sea fishing: Good places to fish from the shore, near the shore and at sea. Fishing trips by boat by appointment.
February - April: cod fishing, summer: pollack and mackerel.

Other activities: Godøy, Giske, Valderøy, and Vigra. These are great places to go on cycling trips on your own. Please note that bicycles must be transported by bus through the undersea tunnels. The beaches are great for surfing and the area is also great for kayaking and sailing.

Giske and Godøy: Giske can offer inviting tours along the coast, especially in the Makkevika wetlands with its wonderful bird life (sanctuary) and on the Giskesand beach. You can go for great walks along the coast on Godøy island, along Alnes-sand beach on the west side, and onwards to Dyb.

Godøy mountain: Great hiking with marked trails from both Alnes and Dyb. Note: Camping prohibited near mountain lakes that are drinking water reservoirs for the municipality.

Molnes, Vigra: Good hiking terrain by the sea and over Molnes mountain.

Varden Utsiktspunkt (Beacon vista point), Valderøy island:  The beacon was built during the Second World War for sending signals. There are several hiking trails to the top, among them a 20 min. path up from Kolvik park.

Godøytun museum: Dyb: The museum has a collection of artefacts from the Second World War, fishing industry history collection and an exhibition on the Eilifs-røysa burial mound. There is also a boathouse with an old boat.

Alnes - fiskevær og fyrtårn (fishing station and lighthouse): Godøy: The fishing station at Alnes is an idyllic local community out by the open sea with a great sandy beach for beautiful summer days. The lighthouse is open for guided tours during the summer season, and there is also a simple café serving food in the old lighthouse attendant's house.

The undersea tunnels: Ålesund - Giske: One of the world's longest undersea tunnel connections was opened in October 1987 by His Majesty King Olav V. The 3 tunnels, of 3.5, 4.2 and 3.8 km together with a bridge, connect the islands in Giske municipality to the mainland. Toll free since 2009.
Giske church: Giske: A beautiful marble church from the 12th century that was built as a family chapel for one of Norway's most powerful families.

Skjonghellaren cave: Valderøy: Cave with a 38 m opening that goes 100 m into the Valderøy mountain. Traces from old Stone Age settlements have been discovered here from after the last Ice Age. 30,000 year old traces of fauna have also been found - some remnnants from between the last ice ages.

Gravrøyser (burial cairns and mounds): Giske has a large number of burial cairns from the Stone Age and onwards. Some examples of these are:
Mjeltehaugen at Giskegjerdet is about 30 metres across. A decorated stone coffin was found here, among other things.
Eilifs-røysa, on the Godøy island, is a 5 m high burial mound from the early Roman period (375-400 AD). It was excavated in 1962. A presentation of the find is found at the Godøytun museum.
Blimshaugen on Vigra is about 36 m across and 5 m high. A number of graves and stone coffins have been uncovered here from the early Roman period.
Burial ground: approx. 60 graves at Gjuv, on Godøy island.

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